Chapter Officers Meeting - Every 3rd Thursday of the Month

Quarterly Membership Meetings -
March 22, 2012
June 21, 2012

Fund Raising Night and Heritage Month Celebration - May 11, 2012

Activities & Events Participated by APALA-SF

July 22-24, 2011 - National APALA Convention, Oakland CA.

July 24, 2011 - SF Central Labor Council "Kick-Off" Political Campaign and Voter's Education every Saturday.

September 5, 2011 - Labor Day march and rally at Union Square to Hyatt Hotel to support HERE-UNITE Strike.

September 16, 2011 - Rank Choice Voting Educational Training and Voter REgistration.

September 17, 2011 - Meet and greet with Sen. Leeland Yee, candidate for SF Mayor.

September 17, 2011 - APALA SF Officers strategic planning meeting.

October 7, 2011 - Filipino-American Community SF Mayoral forum & Voter's REgistration.

October 18, 2011 - APALA-SF sent 18 boxes of relief goods to the typhoon victims in the Philippines thru the colaboration with the KMU Labor Center.

October 30, 2011 - Occupy Chinatown March/Rally from Chinatown to SF Camp at Justin Plaza

November 2, 2011 -
Oakland General Strike

November 5, 2011-
APALA SF Members participate in the 2011 Mayoral Election


APALASF Fundraising Dinner and Awards Night
Fort Mckinley Restaurant, San Francisco
June 29, 2017

APALA San Francisco Chapter held a fundraising dinner at the Fort Mckinley Restaurant in San Francisco on June 29, 2017. During the event awards were presented by esteemed guests from various organizations to four dedicated professionals in their respective areas of expertise.

The Labor & Community Partnership Award was received by Ronald W. Wong and was presented by James A. Bryant, director of the A. Philip Randolph Western Region.

The Community Service Leadership Award was received by Rayna Lehman and was presented by Roberto Mendez, Regional Director of (IAM) Employee Assistance Program.

The Humanitarian Leadership Award was received by Rev. Norman Fong and was presented by Stan Kiino, AFA-CWA National APALA Board Member.

The Labor Leadership Award was received by Anand Singh and was presented by Norman Ten, CWA 9404 National APALA Board Member.

The successful event was attended by more than eighty members, friends and local community guests.

Constitutional Timeline
for the 2013 APALA Biennial National Convention
San Diego, California
August 13-16, 2015

APALASF and CAAGE Fundraiser

SEIU Local 1021, San Francisco
July 24, 2014

APALA San Francisco Chapter and CAAGE held a fundraiser at the SEIU Local 1021 in San Francisco for the benefit of ASPIRE. The successful event was attended by more than eighty members, friends and local community guests.

40th Year Anniversary Celebration of Agbayani Village
June 21, 2014

SF APALA Chapter members drove 300 miles to Delano, California to join the celebration of the 40th Year Anniversary of Agbayani Village on June 21, 2014.

The Paulo Agbayani Retirement Village was the farm worker movement's response to the plight of the Manong's, elderly and often displaced Filipino farm workers. Most had immigrated from the Philippines as young men in the 1920s and 1930s. Few Filipino women were allowed and California's racist anti-mescegenation laws forbade marriage outside their race. Most Filipino farm workers spent their lives in farm labor camps from which they were evicted when the Delano Grape Strike began in September 1965. Unable to marry, most didn't have families or decent places to live. By 1970, their need for affordable housing had become acute.

United Farm Workers leaders such as Cesar Chavez, Larry Itliong, Dolores Huerta, Peter Velasco and Philip Vera Cruz recognized that by the time the five-year Delano strike was won in 1970, most Manongs found themselves working past retirement age without families, financial support and other resources.

The Agbayani Village was named for a Filipino union member who died on the picket line. It was constructed by hundreds of volunteers and dedicated on June 21, 1974.

APALASF joins OUR Walmart
April 30, 2014

SF APALA Chapter members joined OUR Walmart in action on April 30 at the Latino Community Foundation's Annual Fundraiser being held at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel.  They were there to ask Aida Alvarez, Latino Community Foundation Chair and Walmart Board of Director member to help support Walmart workers to get better wages and working conditions.

APALASF Workers Rights Forum
SEIU Local 1021 Union Hall, San Francisco
August 3, 2013

May 23, 2013

APALA San Francisco Chapter held its Fundraising Dinner last May 23, 2013 at the ILWU local 34. The theme for this years event is "Continuing the Legacy, Immigrant Rights, Worker Rights and Economic Rights."

This years awardees were:

Luisa Blue, Golden Gate Award;
Oscar De La Torre, Labor Award;
David Bacon, Humanitarian Award;
Marily Mondejar, Community Leadership Award.

David Chiu, President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors was the keynote speaker of the event.

Rep. Walden Bello Visits With Bay Area Fil-Ams
February 15, 2013

Cong. Walden Bello Speaks with Filipino-American communities on May Election's role about Aquino's Reforms. The event sponsored by the APALA-SF Chapter was held at the SEIU 1021 office on February 15, 2013. It was attended by about 60 Fil-Ams from the Bay area.

APALA National Executive Board
November 16, 2012

APALA National Executive Board held its executive board meeting in San Francisco. A reception, sponsored by the APALA-SF Chapter was held on November 15, 2012 at the SEIU 1021 Office.


Fil-Am Heritage Month & Forum on Prop. 30 & 32
October 12, 2012 6:00 p.m.


APALASF Lauds Honoree during Laborfest Event
July 14, 2012


APALASF Members participate in the Mayoral Election
November 5, 2011


Occupy Chinatown March Rally
October 30, 2011

Relief Goods For Typhoon Pedring Victims in the Philippines
October 18, 2011

APALASF Officers Strategic Planning Meeting
September 17, 2011

Meet & Greet with Leeland Yee
September 17, 2011


Rank Choice Voting Education
September 16, 2011

APALA Convention
July 22, 2011

APALA-SF Elects New Officers
San Francisco
June 7
, 2011

          On June 7, 2011, Members of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, San Francisco Chapter elected its new officers. The APALA-SF Chapter held a mail-in ballot. The ballot counting was done at the SEIU 1021 office in San Francisco, led by Josie Bryant, APALA member and an administrative officer of the SEIU 1021. The following officers will serve the APALA-SF for the next three years:

Daz Lamparas, CWA - President
Antonio Balotro, SEIU 1877 - 1st Vice-President
Blesilda Ocampo, SEIU 1021 - 3rd Vice-President
Elizabeth Valdellon, TWU Local 200 - Treasurer
Mary Anne Ahtye, UESF/AFT - Secretary
and National Executive Board Delegate

Appointed board members are:

Cyrel Dudley, UHW/SEIU - Retirees Delegate
Victoria Cheng - SF CLC Delegate
Terence Lee - Student Delegate
William Chiang - Student Delegate